What is Premium Pimp?

Hooking up girls on dating sites is not about your looks, nor about luck. It's a mind game and Premium Pimp teaches you the strategies to always become a winner! Join Premium Pimp and get access to my manual with all secret tips and strategies that will make internet dating a lot easier! As a member will you also gain access to the forum where me and my team personally act as your personal supervisor to make sure that you get laid!
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Who am I? This is my story...

Under a period of 15 years I spent countless hours with hooking up girls on the Internet. I went from being rejected over and over to literally pick up more chicks than I possibly could handle! This is my story.
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So who am I? If you think I'm the dude that walks to the office in an Armani suit, orders champagne at the bars and drives a Ferrari down the alley in LA, then you got it way wrong... I'm an ordinary man at the age of 35 that lives a fulfilling life with the woman of my dream and our two daughters.

But it wasn't always like this... I used to be known as the "Premium Pimp" amongst my friends. I didn't like that nick name, but now when I look back at what I accomplished during a special period in my life, I understand that it might have been well deserved. I've always tend to find ways to get the things I want and about 15 years ago I wanted completely different things then I do now...

I wanted sex. After a long relationship I wanted to do everything I thought others did or had done... I saw things in porn and I wanted to try them... Two girls at once, new places, girls with big fake tits and more... But how to succeed with this? At the time internet was a quite new phenomena and after some time I started to se it's potential. I began experimenting and my methods improved.

In the beginning I spent hours, even days getting to know girls just to se it all fail in the end. But after some time I got it all working... I understood that many of them, many more then I thought, really wanted the same things as me. They wanted it to be their kind of experimenting and exciting years in life... With a guy they couldn't get to stay.

Someone they could just enjoy these free years before marriage, house and all with. A man just for pleasure that would not kiss and tell. Someone exciting but still safe... Someone to want and need but never be able to completely get. Simply an Alpha Male. Just like many guys probably would want to have sex with a porn star but few would want to marry one... News flash, girls are just the same. So my trick is simple, deliver what she wants and she will deliver what you want.

You're not likely to meet the love of your life this way, but you and many girls might get some fun times together.

I never really thought about this as anything special, my friends were often a bit jealous at my adventures but I figured they were to lazy to get what they wanted and probably just didn't want it as much. But as dating on internet has evolved, I have come into deeper discussions about this with my friends and seen many friends spend so much time and money just failing I started to understand that it might not be so simple for everybody. I guess you have to be a bit strategic.

But naturally, I thought for many years, I'm not the first one to notice this... There must be hundreds of books on the subject. And in some ways I was right... There are many books. But all of them I read was wrong compared to my experiences and almost none of them even gave men what they some time want in periods of life... Just plain fucking with multiple girls... Ways to get girls to do the nasty things with you that you seen on porn... Trying things... Exploring... And not wasting your life on pointless nights at bars trying humiliating pickuplines and in most cases ending up going home alone looking forward to a bad hangover. Or even worse, wasting your time and money on datingsites that don't deliver.

But is there really a simple method for everybody to apply? In general I would say... Kind of. But not completely. We can all need a little extra guidance in areas were we have weaknesses and why not some extra support and help when it doesn't work properly.

That is why Premium Pimp exists. It's a guide, yes... It has worked for me for over 10 years and during this time I never had less then 10 girls going at once and none of them bothering me when I didn't want them to. I tried everything I ever wanted and a few years later... When I accidentally bump into them... They still thank me for it. Because I also gave them exactly what they wanted in their similar periods of life.

You should never try to trick a girl into having sex, I consider it immoral. But you can try to give her what you think she wants... That's just being nice.

Besides the guide Premium Pimp supplies you with a forum where more experienced users help new members in their struggles. Frequently asked questions will be answered by me personally. You may share your experiences and read about others... Get inspiration and if you want to... Take some time of your life and spend as an appreciated Casanova and build up a bank of nice memories that might just put a smile on your face when you think about them later in life...

Zillions of girls are out there waiting for someone to pick themWould you like to be the one?