Sweet revenge on my friends during halloween

This happened when I was 22 and in my online pimping prime. I had a two friends who were studying in a smaller town and we had been talking about me visiting for quite some time, I figured halloween would be perfect as they are known to celebrate it really good in this town and I also seriously needed a break from my own adventures at my hometown. I was really looking forward to just hanging around and drinking with some friends and not have a fully booked calender with girls wanting their needs fulfilled.

Said and done, after something like a day on a train I arrived and it all started well. However as soon as the partying started one of my friends got a bit drunk and met up with something that must have been an earlier mistake, she wasn’t what you’d call a 10 point if you get my meaning… What I laughed at and thought was a desperate small talk where he tried to get away however ended with him coming to me and giving me his homekeys. The partying was over for this man… He had found his price… I stood abbandoned and started looking for my other friend, after a while I called him only to find out he had pulled pretty much the same stunt.

So there I was, abbandoned in a foreign place knowing absolutely no one. I decided to have my revenge. I went home to my friends place and started up his computer. Now what women would be online right now? I figured most of them must be celebrating halloween and my chanses of finding anything good was slim. Then I got the idea, single mothers! I quickly made a profile to attract just these women and just as quickly got some good responses… The next morning I got to work early with the milfs, my friend could be back home from his nocturnal adventures any time… Luckiliy the milfs had no problem visiting me at my friends student apartment and by the time they got home the apartment was a mess smelling of intence lovemaking and the trash bin was full of used condoms.

Success, Drake strikes again!

How to get sex today

Did you wake up with an incurable hardon? Had a few pints with your mates yesterday and it resulted in that kind of smooth hangover that’s almost kind of nice if you have a girlfriend or wife to let the beast in your pants go wild on? Fear not, you seem to be just the kind of guy pornsites make their money from. You probably clicked into this article accidently when really looking for some stupid movie of pornmodels with fake tits getting it on with some bloke with an enormous penis. Let’s get you something better… Let’s go get the real thing instead, it’s actually quite easy.

A lot of so called datingsites show up some kind of half serious half pornsite front promissing everything between fuckfriends to life long relationships all for free… Only problem is if you check out ten of them you will see the girls showing their tits are all the same and after filling in the form for your free membership they kindly ask you to pay some fee to start using the most likely worthless site.

Think this way instead, who are you looking for? A woman. Now where on the internet is a woman interested in a man going to be right now? Right, probably not in a site filled with boobs. And don’t start looking for one filled with penises instead, it doesn’t work that way.

Go for a serious place, a place were she is not ashamed to be, a place to meet “friends” or “find love” because that is the female way of looking for some nice weekend action.

Now that you found it, you became a member and made a profile, choose the shortest possible time to be a member. The sites advert that they have thousands of female members but how many of them are active and looking for something like this? Usually it only takes a few hours or in the best case a week to get all useful action out of a dating site. Then it needs to fill up a bit before you milk it again.

Make some easy searches. Remember that girls most often either think they look worse than they do or better than they do. Making your search narrow like only slim, well trained girls may leave you with a result of actually the most ugly ones getting the most attention. You need to screen this by yourself, a girl calling herself fat can look really good.

Another hot tip is to only search for girls that are online. The site will want you to think there is and endless stream of beutiful girls there wanting your attention, the easiest way for them to do this is making it difficult enough to close the accounts. Then they can use up to five or ten year old profiles to get your attention and make you spend more and more money looking for that perfect one… Don’t fall for it. If she is interested now she is online now. Also prefer new members, a new member that is online is what you want.

To make it really easy search for a single mother. If she is online now she is having her free weekend and she wants to have fun. She will not want endless chat sessions but rather fast results and if she finds you interesting she will be willing to give you a lot of fun very soon.

For more detailed tips you should join premiumpimp.com. It’s a complete guide not only for finding friends with benefits fast but also shows you how to get different women depending on what you like and how to successfully keep a long time harem of willing girls in the end making the dating sites unessesary.

Happy hunting!


How to get fuck buddies

Most of us have fuck friends at least once or a few shorter periods in life, perhaps the relationship ended but you stayed friends and that became friends with benefits for a year until she fell in love with someone else and it all ended. You might have lived in a dorm room during your university studies where the girl in the dorm room next to you took the chance to be a little crazy with you when ever she got a bit horny, just because you happened to be the closest guy. No matter… It was still free unconditional sex and you loved it right? Perhaps the best sex you had as neither one of you were afraid to do something stupid or say something wrong?

But maybe this was a long time ago and life has changed? Or maybe you are one of those who just never seem to find these things? Either way, it is in the nature of man to have sex not just during all his life, but with multiple partners. Many studies point out that the man that doesn’t get regular sex quickly becomes depressed and unhappy. Why do you think men that have a relation but with a shitty sex life feel sad while women handle a  life without sex much better. Women find joy in kids, their work and hobbies, for men that’s not enough and just having sex once in a while is not ok. I had a period in my life where I felt lonely and depressed and my sex life was literally non-existent. I came to the point where I simply had enough of living in celibacy. I said to myself, this must change, I need sex a and not just a few random one night stands once in a while, I’m gonna make sure that I get all the sex I want! I committed myself to do whatever it took to find out a way to get pussy and that’s when I started to develop a system to hook up girls on the internet. Through years of trial and error I finally had built my own bullet-proof way to get laid without spending weeks or days on dating sites. With my techniques it’s fully possible to get laid within a few hours! At this time of my life I had two friends that were singles and unhappy and (not very surprisingly) with a poor sex life. I thought that I better reveal my tricks to them cause I wanted them to be as happy as me and besides I didn’t feel good to always be the only one to have crazy sex stories to tell. I didn’t expect that my friends would be as successful as me, but I was so wrong…! Within a month both of them were banging more girls than they ever could imagine. They were so thankful and the feeling to see my friends happy and “alive” again was a great kick! It was like I more or less brought them back to life.

I love to help lonely men get what they need, a healthy harem of willing women, or like you also can out it,  a solid stable of  fuck buddies. That’s why Premium Pimp was founded, so that you and other nice guys around the world can have what all men need and what make them happy. Premium Pimp is simply a guide that, among other things, reveals secrets on how to find fuck friends and that’s also where the internet dating sites come into play.

You may think your alone, you may think only males want this and females want only that true love… You may think you’re to old and the only women wanting these things are 20-25 year old students of which you have no interest. On all points you are wrong. A lot of males want it, and a lot of females. In all ages. The interesting thing about the female look at it is that they all want sex with the same guys.

I guess that your favorit idea is you beeing the lion alpha male with several mostly faithful fuck friends around you, but you think the woman in best case could accept the opposite? Again you are wrong. I don’t know why, and I sure don’t understand it. But women seem to see it the same way as you. They want to be one of those lionesses only that requires you to be the alpha male, at least in their world.

My best guess is that she finds it assuring that many other women like you, then you must be good. Or simply she really wants to be sure you will not become one of those annoying lovesick men following her and harrassing her with unwanted gifts just because she let you have some.

I will not be able to describe all the techniques you need to learn in this article. However I do want to point out that you can succeed and get excactly what you want by quite simple means. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or a lot of money, you only need to do a few things right and create a appealing internet profile and an IRL attitude that supplies women in their crazy period of life with what they want. Doing this you basically can’t fail getting horny fuck friends and really a more fullfilling life, sex is fun. Why miss it?


Sex With Single Mothers

You don’t feel like going to a bar, maybe you just got out of a longer relationship and no longer know what bars to go to in your city, maybe you never had any success in the bars anyway… The fact is you are still a man and living to long without sex isn’t healthy. So you start spending money on dating sites promising to deliver hot babes, you spend hour after hour contacting girls online but never get lucky. What are you doing wrong?

First of all you haven’t realized how money is made for the people behind the sites, they want you to be a member for as long periods of time as possible… Helping you actually find someone is not their priority number one.

Secondly, what sites did you become a member of? Probably those who promised to deliver what you wanted: Sex. Now you may see this as a smart thing to do, and the right thing as well, why wouldn’t women looking for just sex be on those sites as well? Now you probably heard it before but as you are reading this I better tell you again: Women don’t think like men, we are different, understanding this really is step number one.

Look into the sites again and try to do it from a womans perspective: Would you, as a woman, become a member here? Would you, as a woman, be able to be a member here without feeling ashamed or get a slutty mark if your friends and family found out?

My guess is that you start finding completely different sites now. The ones posting pictures of halfnaked porn models probably don’t attract women in any larger extent. Neither the ones openly suggesting their members may here find a slut for the night, beeing that slut just isn’t that exciting and really don’t comply with what a women in general want out of a romance, how dirty and kinky as she is.

Instead you should focus on the normal dating sites, sure they dont promise sex, sluts, or anything like that… But usually they do suggest that a romance might be an option? In a womans ear that’s the same thing. Lesson learned, you want a romance. By all means you want it right away and you want it to be very short in time mabye… But still it’s what you should be interested in and what you should be looking for.

Number two is also quite logic, as a man you will almost always have to pay for your membership. Usually there are several options like standard, medium and premium. Perhaps the premium option sounds good, it doesn’t cost a lot extra and so on… But how cool is it to be a premium member of a datingsite? It’s not a nightclub. Stay with the cheapest, stay cool.

And before you even become a member, do this easy test: Try to become a member as a woman. Many sites charge less for women or nothing at all and those are in general better for your purposes. The ones charging equally might be better for finding a true love but what you want is a site with a lot of female members and then any cost is relevant. It actually comes down to the same thing as before: It’s more OK for a woman to be a free member then a paying member. It gives her the possible excuse: “It was free so I thought why not?”.

Now you found a good site, you did the test and you are a member. Who should you contact? If you want it quick try single mothers, they don’t have a lot of time to spend playing games but rather want to get to the point as soon as possible, it was a long time since they got compliments and they don’t feel very sexy after the pregnancy, thus they are very thankful for very little. The child always comes first, she don’t have the time or interest to annoy you when you don’t want them to. And seriously, that talk about the body never looking good again after carrying a child is mostly bullshit. You might have seen some extreme examples in papers selling skincare products for women but it’s not the truth. Most of them look perfectly nice again after a few monhts.


How to get a harem

In my opinion this is a question most men must have asked themselves sometime in life… In early ages it is obvious that “a few lucky guys” get the attention of all the girls. This goes on basically from kindergarten all the way to the grave, only these “few lucky guys” keeps changing on the way, they all have their few years of fame. One might argue that this is because the more mature buys tend to be more rebellious, quit school and start earning money, then they kind of dissapear from the picture,  the sporty guys in high school takes the lead and so on. What stays completely obvious to any one is that in any stage of life women tend to always be attracted to these “few lucky guys”.

The same doesn’t apply to males. Sure, we all may think some models look good but that doesn’t mean we would mind fucking girls that doesn’t apply to the “perfect looks”. Quite the opposite actually.

Lucky for you girls don’t attract to looks alone, but rather the “few lucky guys” or the “selected few” whom ever these might be. And a natural consequence of this is that they don’t necessarily mind if you have several girlfriends, just as long as you in their mind stay a member of “the selected few”.

But who are these selected few? The known description is the Alpha male, see for example premiumpimp.com for a more detailed description.

Now here is where internet comes to play a large part. If you can only find a way to be viewed upon as a alpha male women will not mind your immoral behaviour. Quite the opposite actually, the more women you have relationships with the more attracted she will be as long as your attitude is correct. And that is the attitude of the alpha male. Then any other behaviour would be wieved upon as unnatural for you and the greater your harem the greater is the attraction. Remember again, doing this online it is only a matter of attitude.

So how many girls do you date at the moment? The natural answer for any alpha male is “none really… I just go with the flow and shit happens”. The lesson is easy: Never ever brag. Never. It is a sure sign of weakness and the girls will pick it up easily.

In my opinion anything less then five willing females to choose from at a time is not a true harem but a failure. Any one of these girls disturbing you when you don’t want them to is a failure. It means you did not manage to keep the correct attitude or you hooked up with the very wrong girls. You naturally want the girls who like these games. Spending hours and hours chatting online before you meet a woman is a failure in itself, if she isn’t interested just let her be. Don’t annoy people, move on and fine someone who want what you want.


And the way to keep them  is easy, to easy for most to realize, simply never promise anything… Never give them the compliments of love but only the ones of great sex, still never refuse them the compliments of love. Be difficult. Be a good friend. Be nice. Don’t fall in love, remember the attitude you had when you contacted these girls. If you fall and she uses this you can’t really cry about it can you?

Thus the way to go is, cooked into a few words:

–         Be the alpha male and stay the alpha male. (for instructions see premiumpimp.com)

–         Don’t fall for love invitations, it’s a game… She don’t really want you to fall for it

–         Never reveal your other girlfriends, I don’t kiss and tell is a true winning concept