How to get a harem

In my opinion this is a question most men must have asked themselves sometime in life… In early ages it is obvious that “a few lucky guys” get the attention of all the girls. This goes on basically from kindergarten all the way to the grave, only these “few lucky guys” keeps changing on the way, they all have their few years of fame. One might argue that this is because the more mature buys tend to be more rebellious, quit school and start earning money, then they kind of dissapear from the picture,  the sporty guys in high school takes the lead and so on. What stays completely obvious to any one is that in any stage of life women tend to always be attracted to these “few lucky guys”.

The same doesn’t apply to males. Sure, we all may think some models look good but that doesn’t mean we would mind fucking girls that doesn’t apply to the “perfect looks”. Quite the opposite actually.

Lucky for you girls don’t attract to looks alone, but rather the “few lucky guys” or the “selected few” whom ever these might be. And a natural consequence of this is that they don’t necessarily mind if you have several girlfriends, just as long as you in their mind stay a member of “the selected few”.

But who are these selected few? The known description is the Alpha male, see for example for a more detailed description.

Now here is where internet comes to play a large part. If you can only find a way to be viewed upon as a alpha male women will not mind your immoral behaviour. Quite the opposite actually, the more women you have relationships with the more attracted she will be as long as your attitude is correct. And that is the attitude of the alpha male. Then any other behaviour would be wieved upon as unnatural for you and the greater your harem the greater is the attraction. Remember again, doing this online it is only a matter of attitude.

So how many girls do you date at the moment? The natural answer for any alpha male is “none really… I just go with the flow and shit happens”. The lesson is easy: Never ever brag. Never. It is a sure sign of weakness and the girls will pick it up easily.

In my opinion anything less then five willing females to choose from at a time is not a true harem but a failure. Any one of these girls disturbing you when you don’t want them to is a failure. It means you did not manage to keep the correct attitude or you hooked up with the very wrong girls. You naturally want the girls who like these games. Spending hours and hours chatting online before you meet a woman is a failure in itself, if she isn’t interested just let her be. Don’t annoy people, move on and fine someone who want what you want.


And the way to keep them  is easy, to easy for most to realize, simply never promise anything… Never give them the compliments of love but only the ones of great sex, still never refuse them the compliments of love. Be difficult. Be a good friend. Be nice. Don’t fall in love, remember the attitude you had when you contacted these girls. If you fall and she uses this you can’t really cry about it can you?

Thus the way to go is, cooked into a few words:

-         Be the alpha male and stay the alpha male. (for instructions see

-         Don’t fall for love invitations, it’s a game… She don’t really want you to fall for it

-         Never reveal your other girlfriends, I don’t kiss and tell is a true winning concept


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