How to get sex today

Did you wake up with an incurable hardon? Had a few pints with your mates yesterday and it resulted in that kind of smooth hangover that’s almost kind of nice if you have a girlfriend or wife to let the beast in your pants go wild on? Fear not, you seem to be just the kind of guy pornsites make their money from. You probably clicked into this article accidently when really looking for some stupid movie of pornmodels with fake tits getting it on with some bloke with an enormous penis. Let’s get you something better… Let’s go get the real thing instead, it’s actually quite easy.

A lot of so called datingsites show up some kind of half serious half pornsite front promissing everything between fuckfriends to life long relationships all for free… Only problem is if you check out ten of them you will see the girls showing their tits are all the same and after filling in the form for your free membership they kindly ask you to pay some fee to start using the most likely worthless site.

Think this way instead, who are you looking for? A woman. Now where on the internet is a woman interested in a man going to be right now? Right, probably not in a site filled with boobs. And don’t start looking for one filled with penises instead, it doesn’t work that way.

Go for a serious place, a place were she is not ashamed to be, a place to meet “friends” or “find love” because that is the female way of looking for some nice weekend action.

Now that you found it, you became a member and made a profile, choose the shortest possible time to be a member. The sites advert that they have thousands of female members but how many of them are active and looking for something like this? Usually it only takes a few hours or in the best case a week to get all useful action out of a dating site. Then it needs to fill up a bit before you milk it again.

Make some easy searches. Remember that girls most often either think they look worse than they do or better than they do. Making your search narrow like only slim, well trained girls may leave you with a result of actually the most ugly ones getting the most attention. You need to screen this by yourself, a girl calling herself fat can look really good.

Another hot tip is to only search for girls that are online. The site will want you to think there is and endless stream of beutiful girls there wanting your attention, the easiest way for them to do this is making it difficult enough to close the accounts. Then they can use up to five or ten year old profiles to get your attention and make you spend more and more money looking for that perfect one… Don’t fall for it. If she is interested now she is online now. Also prefer new members, a new member that is online is what you want.

To make it really easy search for a single mother. If she is online now she is having her free weekend and she wants to have fun. She will not want endless chat sessions but rather fast results and if she finds you interesting she will be willing to give you a lot of fun very soon.

For more detailed tips you should join It’s a complete guide not only for finding friends with benefits fast but also shows you how to get different women depending on what you like and how to successfully keep a long time harem of willing girls in the end making the dating sites unessesary.

Happy hunting!


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