Sweet revenge on my friends during halloween

This happened when I was 22 and in my online pimping prime. I had a two friends who were studying in a smaller town and we had been talking about me visiting for quite some time, I figured halloween would be perfect as they are known to celebrate it really good in this town and I also seriously needed a break from my own adventures at my hometown. I was really looking forward to just hanging around and drinking with some friends and not have a fully booked calender with girls wanting their needs fulfilled.

Said and done, after something like a day on a train I arrived and it all started well. However as soon as the partying started one of my friends got a bit drunk and met up with something that must have been an earlier mistake, she wasn’t what you’d call a 10 point if you get my meaning… What I laughed at and thought was a desperate small talk where he tried to get away however ended with him coming to me and giving me his homekeys. The partying was over for this man… He had found his price… I stood abbandoned and started looking for my other friend, after a while I called him only to find out he had pulled pretty much the same stunt.

So there I was, abbandoned in a foreign place knowing absolutely no one. I decided to have my revenge. I went home to my friends place and started up his computer. Now what women would be online right now? I figured most of them must be celebrating halloween and my chanses of finding anything good was slim. Then I got the idea, single mothers! I quickly made a profile to attract just these women and just as quickly got some good responses… The next morning I got to work early with the milfs, my friend could be back home from his nocturnal adventures any time… Luckiliy the milfs had no problem visiting me at my friends student apartment and by the time they got home the apartment was a mess smelling of intence lovemaking and the trash bin was full of used condoms.

Success, Drake strikes again!

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